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Why Do We Have Funerals

Funeral and burial traditions have been dated as far back as 100,000 years ago with modern human remains found in Israel. There are even some findings which suggest evidence of ceremonial burials by the Neanderthals dating back over 250,000 years ago, however many of these sites are a topic of controversy between experts and historians.

With so much evidence of these burial traditions dating back throughout the centuries, taking care of the dead remains part of our Northern European culture today despite changes in funeral traditions over the years. So why and how do you arrange a funeral?

Why Do We Have Funerals

For the earliest of societies with strong religious beliefs, and for the believers across many of today’s faiths and beliefs, the funeral usher’s the deceased on to the next life. During ancient times many had believed their loved ones would not be able to cross over to the afterlife if they did not have the rites and rituals of a properly conducted funeral.

Nowadays modern funerals can tie to the sentiment of securing entry to the next life but generally involve a much more dignified and affectionate send off for the dearly departed. Whether that funeral involves religious beliefs or not, it still plays a vital part in coming to terms with the grief and loss of a loved one.

What To Do After A Death In The Family

After a death there will be a lot to do and the funeral might be the first real opportunity the family have to stop, think, and acknowledge the reality that the deceased is gone, with their family and friends. It can be a really important time and the first step for so many people, and as much as you may be dreading it, you may be surprised at the comfort you find in meeting people you may never have known were touched by your loved one or friend in some way.

The funeral is an important opportunity for people to gather together and show their love and respect for the deceased while offering support and sympathy to the bereaved. The death of someone close is clearly a difficult time and having people around that care for the bereaved and the deceased can be a massive comfort.

Funerals A Celebration Of Life

More often than not the funeral and ceremony are an opportunity to celebrate a life well lived. There are less strictly regimented religious ceremonies with the funeral featuring more reflective elements which are unique to the personality of the person that has passed on. From a cheerful dress code to a quirky music choice, funerals can be an opportunity to remember the wonderful personality of a loved one who is missed but never forgotten.

Arranging A Funeral In Newport

No matter how people choose to mark the passing of a loved one, the familiarity of a funeral ceremony is also a factor in why we at A E Hicks take such care over the planning funeral. Whether preparing the way for the afterlife, gathering friends and family to say goodbye or just to have one final opportunity to demonstrate our individuality, funerals are an important part of our passing and the celebration of that person’s life.

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