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What Are Funerals

There is a lot of evidence that looking after the deceased has been part of our culture for a number of years and it remains still part of it today. A lot of people still find themselves asking why do we have funerals? There are several theories and reasons for having a funeral.

What Is A Funeral

In different religions and beliefs there are different reasons for having a funeral but the main one is the thought of moving the dead on to their next life and paying our respects. This has come from the ancient attitudes of their loved ones not being allowed to enter the next life unless there was a ceremony that took place.

Bereavement Advice

Immediately after a death it is a very stressful and emotional time for everyone who is affected by the loss of an amazing or close relative. A funeral is the time where people are taken away from their busy lives and given the chance to be with their friends and family and reflect.

It is a time for both grieving and celebrations which are both important to be shared with fellow loved ones.

A co-founder of the What’s Your Grief website, Litsa Williams, has written about how funerals can be the starting point for grieving.

“It can be a really important ritual and the first step for so many people, and as much as you may be dreading it, you may be surprised at the comfort you find in meeting people you may never have known were touched by your loved one in some way.”

Twenty First Century Funerals

The general belief on funerals nowadays is to celebrate a well lived life as opposed to a dark and depressing ceremony. The idea of a strict ceremony with a lot of traditional guidelines is fading and funerals are being made more personal to match the personality of the deceased.

Funerals now can and often include a varied dress code to a memorable music choice or even a film, there are an endless list of possibilities as to how you can make a funeral more personal and less like it’s following the old traditional way.

Funeral Directors Newport, South Wales

Professional, caring and independent funeral services from Albert E. Hicks Limited Funeral Directors Newport. We provide personal and compassionate funeral services across Gwent and the surrounding areas of South Wales.

Family run and with over 90 years’ experience, Albert E. Hicks Limited Funeral Directors are the preferred choice for funeral services in Newport. We are locally respected and trusted to provide dignified, caring funeral services to those who have lost a loved one.

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