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What Are Funeral Plans

We all hope that we ourselves, or our loved ones, will get a meaningful farewell, so what can we do to make sure that this will occur? The answer can be found in the following: Pre-paid funeral plans. In the present, these funeral plans are recognised as being the most practical and affordable method for making in-advance choices and financial provision for a funeral service. In this article, Albert. E Hicks Funeral Directors Cardiff will let you know how these plans work and what you should be considering when setting one up.

What is a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan?

Allowing you to grow a large enough fund, a pre-paid funeral plan allows you to make the integral financial decisions for your own, or for a loved one’s, funeral. It also means that you can select and arrange the services provided from your chosen funeral director and contribute to a funeral service from a third party. Conveniently, it is arranging and making financial provisions in order to prevent any sudden future financial burdens.

What Funeral Arrangements Can I Make Exactly?

One of the advantages of pre-paid funeral plans is that you have greater flexibility in creating arrangements. Whatever your expectations are for your funeral service, the funeral director of your choice can pre-tailor a funeral service to fit your precise requirements. For instance, Albert. E Hicks Funeral Directors Newport offers set plans that are pre-packaged to incorporate an array of different services. However, these packages can be honed and refined to create a more personalised experience. Your only limitations are your budget and your vision.

Where Are My Payments Held?

Where your payments are stored is dependent upon the funeral director and funeral plan provider your plan is set up with. In most instances, the funeral services do not hold onto the funds themselves for security reasons. Rather, your pre-payment is paid directly to an external, fund-protection scheme, such as a whole of life insurance scheme or trust fund, that hold finances securely right up until the delivery of the funeral service.

Are All Pre-Paid Funeral Plans The Same?

Definitely not. There is enormous variation in the scope, functioning and the dealings that each Funeral Plan providers each have with funeral directors. This why it is important that you select a plan provider that you can trust. You will be glad to hear that Albert E. Hicks Funeral Services South Wales possess strong connections with a vast network of funeral directors, due to our track record of holding funds securely. We have been effective in establishing ourselves as having impartiality, integrity and your financial protection at the core of what we do.

Where Can I Get A Pre-Paid Funeral Plan?

A diverse range of places. These include through your local funeral director, online, over the phone, or through salespeople at event and business stalls. Nevertheless, for expert direction, we suggest talking to your local funeral director. They have the most expertise in this particular field, and therefore, will be most suited to giving you recommendations and a service quality you desire. They also tend to have the most competitive fees.

What Else Do I Need To Know About Pre-Paid Funeral Plans?

Get clear on what quantity of your funeral plan pre-payment will be channelled into disbursements (third-party costs). Expenses that are outside of the funeral director’s control, including burial or cremation for instance, are generally third-party fees that are not covered by funeral plans. The amount that each plan encompasses varies significantly.

Looking to buy a plan straight from your funeral plan provider? Ensure that they have an existing partnership the funeral director you have chosen. Lastly, for your security, it would be wise to make sure that your provider is listed with the Funeral Planning Authority and abides by their Code of Conduct.

If there is anything else you would like to know about making financial provision for your funeral costs, call Albert E. Hicks, your local funeral director, to discuss or arrange a meeting.

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