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Questions You Should Ask Your Loved Ones

None of us likes to think about the end of ours or our loved one’s life and what we will do with the arrangements. Not only the funeral but the other questions we will have and how-to best deal with any other arrangement with only an idea of what they may have wanted. By asking these questions now it can save a lot of stress in the future.


Do They Have A Will


Being aware if a person has a will is an important question. Although the contents are unimportant, knowing where they will be stored is good to know. It can usually be kept with a solicitor or in a safe place.

Would They Want To Be An Organ Donor


Would they like to be an organ donor? This can only happen in certain circumstances so the doctor will need to be aware. They may already be registered on the donor list or they may not but it’s important to know their wishes.


Have They Made An Advanced Decision


Should they be ill or become ill have they decided on how they would like to be cared for should they not be able to convey their wishes. Usually an advanced decision or living will, will be drawn up when a person becomes ill, this is a legal document. Discussing this in advance helps loved ones to better understand their decision and wishes.


Do They Have A Funeral Plan


Many people have started to take up a pre-paid funeral plan, this is a policy which allows a person to arrange their own funeral with a trusted local funeral director. This can be paid for with monthly instalments or in one lump sum. Should they have a plan, you will need to know who the policy is with and which funeral director has been entrusted with the details of the plan. The funeral director will be able to take any loved one through the process.


How Do They Want Their Funeral To Be


Regardless of whether they have a funeral plan or not. It’s good to know how they would like their funeral to be. Do they want a traditional service? Do they want something special? Have an idea of what they would like can both ease you in the knowledge they will have their wishes met and they have the peace of mind that someone knows their preference.


Albert E Hicks South Wales


We are aware these can be tough questions to talk about but being prepared can bring a lot of peace in harder times. Here at Albert E Hicks we can take you through any plans you wish to make regarding your funeral service or a pre-paid funeral plan. Should you have any questions Contact Us on 01633 259225.

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