The loss of a loved one is a distressing time and grieving is the natural process that helps a person come to terms with their loss. If a loved one passes away overseas this can make an already distressing time even more daunting and difficult to deal with.

Whether your loved one died suddenly or you were prepared for it, grief and the emotions it throws up can be difficult to deal with. Normal emotions include the feeling of numbness, tiredness, uncontrollable sadness, crying and often guilt.

For some, acceptance of loss is the most difficult phase of the grief process. Some people find it helps to see their loved one in the private chapel of rest, providing closure. Whereas others prefer to remember their loved one from recent memories when they were alive.

It is important to remember that everyone is unique and will have their own way of dealing with grief.

The Funeral Service

For many, the funeral service is the time when the loss of a loved one is fully realised.  The day of the funeral will follow a certain structure which some people can find daunting. However, the funeral service provides a formal way to say a final farewell.

As well as feeling emotions of loss, people will use this time to celebrate the life of their loved one. The sharing of happy memories can help alleviate anxiety and make the funeral more bearable.

Grief Beyond the Funeral Service

Feelings of grief are likely to extend far beyond the funeral service. For many grief does not disappear altogether, rather, it gets easier to deal with over time.

What to do if Grief becomes too difficult to deal with

If you are finding that your grief is becoming too difficult to deal with and that is it impacting upon your normal daily life, meaning you cannot function properly, it may be worth speaking to a bereavement counsellor.

We can help put you in touch with professional bereavement counsellors in the area who will be able to help you come to terms with your loss.

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