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Funerals Newport

When planning funerals in Newport, it can seem like there is a lot to plan and it can seem daunting. Having the help of a trusted local funeral director can be key to having the best send off for you loved one. There are a number of ways to plan a funeral and remembering all the deceased’s wishes can seem hard too. Here at A E Hicks, we want the planning process to be as easy a possible and we are here to help.

Local Funeral Directors

As we have mentioned above, having local funeral directors brings a level of trust that is like no other. We value our customers at Albert E Hicks and believe that having respect for our customers to goes a long way to making them feel comfortable. We offer a range of funerals that are suited to the deceased and how they lived their lives.

We guide our clients through each stage of the funeral planning process. From the transport to the burial or cremation. We always keep you informed and show how we believe the standards of service should be in our industry. We also offer a range of pre-paid funeral plans that make planning for your future funeral so easy. We have flexible payment options and a choice of packages to best suit your needs.

Payment Options For Funerals

Pre-paid funeral plans have a choice of payment options for funerals. These include plans such as the Golden Charter Range: –

  • Simple Way- the low-priced option, which covers an essential funeral plan
  • Traditional Way- The cover more than the previous and includes a limousine and a higher coffin choice.
  • Exclusive Way- This is a comprehensive option for planning your funeral.

Which ever plan you choose A E Hicks can help you plan the ideal funeral for you and help your loved ones to have the peace of mind a pre-paid funeral plan brings.

Funeral Directors Near Me

For a trusted and respected funeral director in Newport, look no further than Albert E Hicks. We have many years’ experience in providing not only a in providing the best funeral services, but we also are able to help you plan for your funeral with a pre-paid funeral plan. Contact our team today and they will be more than happy to help you with any questions you may have.             

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