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What Are Funeral Plans

When you make you funeral plans in Newport, be they for you or a loved one. Knowing how they work can be important. There are a range of funeral plans to choose from and they can seem like they can make a lot of planning, but this couldn’t be further than the truth. Having a funeral plan in place can give you and your loved ones the peace of mind you need. So, what are funeral plans and how do they work?

Different Types of Funeral Plans

There are many providers of funeral plans and finding the right one can seem a challenge. Once you have found a trusted funeral plan provider, like us here at Albert E Hicks. You can then start the planning process of your funeral plan. Each plan covers certain aspects of a funeral and there is a choice of payment options too. You will find the ideal one to suit your requirements and budget. Next, we will cover the different payment options.

Funeral Plans & Payment Options

There are three payment options, although these vary depending on your provider. The first is lump sum payment, this is when you pay for your funeral plan in one go. If you can afford this option, it’s a great way to give almost instant peace of mind that your funeral is planned and ready to go.

The second option if flexible payment, this is when you make payments over a set period and once the last payment has been made the funeral plan is ready to be used. The third is fixed monthly payments, this option with require making payments up until the plan is required. As you have seen, there is a choice for everyone, and we are sure you will be able to find the ideal one for you.

Funeral Plans Newport

We hope we have answered all your questions about funeral plans in Newport. If you have any questions, please do contact us at Albert E Hicks and we will be happy to answer any questions you have.

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