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Funeral Planning Newport

For quality and affordable funeral planning Newport, Albert E Hicks have got your back as we understand no one wants to blow a big hole in their bank account. It doesn’t tend to be a very happy process to go through, especially when you have recently lost someone or have other stresses in your life already. We’re here to make the process as easy as possible for you, whether you’re new to this or not, so read on to find out more…

Cremation or Burial

An easy way to save some money is choosing to between a cremation or burial. Typically, a cremation service is around £1,000 cheaper due to there being no need for extra charges, such as a coffin. It is a popular choice of send-off as over 75% of people in the UK choose to go this way. Although this won’t make the funeral costs lower drastically, it is still a respectable amount of money that could be saved or spent on other things.

Natural Burial Service Newport

If you find a burial is more for you, Albert E Hicks have many options available for this, like a natural burial service Newport. Factors such as the location, coffin used or how guests are transported are all things to consider. Wicker coffins and woodland locations are two of the cheaper options you can go for that don’t show their price tag. These are becoming even more popular due to there being a rise in eco-friendly methods now.

Coffin Types Newport

Our coffin types Newport range in style and price, depending of individual taste. If you’re planning a cremation, we suggest keeping the quality and price low. This is due to it being burnt but that’s not a view family tend to have due to it not being very sentimental. All our designs will fit everyone; however, this factor is seen to be more personal so they pay a bit extra for what them or their loved ones will be carried in.

Newport Funeral Cars

When it comes to Newport funeral cars, Albert E Hicks have the classic option of a cortege with hearse and limousines. We do suggest, however, that guests who can drive arrive in their own cars or sort their own transport. This reduces the costs of multiple cars when you don’t need them. It makes it easier too if you’re stuck with who to have in what car – the decision is made for you!

What Is A Pallbearer

Pallbearers are an extra charge so it will be more cost effective and personal if you have family members carry the coffin. These people often include siblings, parents or best friends of the person who has passed away. This is one of the easier ways of making the bill for a funeral a little lower.

Funeral Reception Ideas Newport

There are many funeral reception ideas Newport. Majority of them are held at venues which also cater for all the guests. However, you can end the day under the roof of a family or friends’ home to reduce rental costs. If everyone invited brings something to eat, then that’s the food and drink covered! This takes minimal effort from everyone involved and would make for a more intimate end to the day.

Prepaid Funeral Plans Newport

One way of making the day more affordable and attainable is prepaid funeral plans Newport. There are a range of ways to pay for what you want, depending on your income and overall availability to pay. It helps making funeral planning less stressful, especially around the time of death. You can find deals and prices often work out cheaper if you start the plan. For more details on our funeral plans, visit our website or call us today on 01633 259225.

Albert E Hicks Funeral Services Newport

This post should have given you a good idea on where you can save money when planning a funeral with Albert E Hicks Funeral Services Newport. We hope we have also proven you can still make the day personal, even if you are on a budget. For further help with any of our services or if you have any enquiries, feel free to give us a call on 01633 259225.

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