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Funeral Planning Advice Newport

If you’re looking for funeral planning advice, Albert E Hicks in Newport are the people to talk to. We have many years of experience in the funeral industry and can create a plan which works best for you and your family. To find out more about our services, call us on 01633 289225 or read on to find out more about the tips we’d give those who are looking at investing in funeral plans.

What Are Funeral Plans

It’s worth explaining to those who are wondering ‘what are funeral plans?’ what exactly they are. We offer a range of funeral plans that can be tailored to everyone to make paying or their ceremony a less stressful process for them and their family. There are many different aspects available to have in your plan such as the coffin type, cost of private chapels and even flowers. Payments can be spread out over a period which works best for you! More details of what is included in our plans can be found on our website.

Newport Funeral Plans

As mentioned before, our Newport funeral plans can be tailored to individual circumstances and preferences to ensure you’re completely happy with your plan. Whether it’s a simple and less expensive or a more extravagant ceremony you’re wanting, we will have aspects to add to your plan to make it your own, all within your price range.

These funeral plans will include the transporting fees and care of the body so this is something to keep in mind, sort of like there being a base price and you then add on the extras for the ceremony to make it your own day. These can be anything from how your loved ones get to the ceremony to the organist fees or anything else you’d like there on the day.

Funeral Plan Comparison Site

You may be looking for a funeral plans comparison if you’re working on a budget as we understand that you can’t always get everything you’re looking for. Therefore, we can help put together a few plans which cover a range of options for you so even though you may be sacrificing one or two things, you’ll still have other aspects that you requested.
There are many websites which help you compare what you’re looking for and fine the best price. Our team will be happy to help you with this to ensure you’re getting the best value for your money. It’s important, no matter where you go, that you let the funeral directors know exactly what you want to happen on the day so we can work better alongside you.

What Is The Funeral Planning Authority (FPA)

When going with any funeral directors, you want to make sure that they are FPA approved, but what is The Funeral Planning Authority (FPA)? They are a group of registered members who have been approved to sell funeral services. They must follow a strict set of rules and code of practice to become registered which is what makes them trusted and a reputable business.

The code they follow ensures the money you are investing into the plan is kept safe for the years leading up to the ceremony. They promise to place your money into a trust fund to keep it safe and also sign a contract to make sure everything is secure and there is no chance of you losing your money if the company goes out of business or if they try to steal the money from you.

Albert E Hicks Newport

If you’re looking for the best funeral planners that offer full support and a value for money service, come to us at Albert E Hicks and you won’t be disappointed. We will work with you to ensure you’re planning the ceremony you want and have a plan in place that works. Contact our team on 01633 289225 for more information about our services or if you would like to start your own funeral planning process.

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